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              OXALIS-laser 軟件 Therm Opt

                法國Oxalis-Laser公司的Commod Pro, ThermOpt, Spir激光軟件用于對各類激光系統進行專業的物理光學模擬計算、熱效應分析以及多程放大分析,是目前全球 *專業、 * 、 *全面的激光模擬軟件。信歐光電作為其在中國區的授權代理商,致力于在中國市場推廣這款 的專業激光模擬軟件,與廣大中國用戶共同發現并見證激光 的豐富多彩。

              • 產品介紹
              • 性能參數
              • 規格尺寸
              • 資料下載



                General features and applications

                ThermOpt calculates the wavefront distortion and polarization changes of a beam propagating through heated active medium; this software is linked to I-DEAS, a software from SDRC (I-DEAS generates the temperature, strain and stress distribution of the active medium). The use of other software for thermal and mechanical calculations required a format conversion of the outputs file to be used in ThermOpt. ThermOpt also creates phase and birefringence masks. This masks can be read and used in Commod Pro. Commod Pro takes into account thermal lensing and depolarisation induced effects.

                Calculation of the wavefront distortion and polarization changes are performed using ray-tracing method.

                Depolarisation : transmission through crossed analyser/polarizer

                Phase : local phase difference between the two directions of the beam polarisation


                - Mask of phase

                - Mask of birefringence

                I/O characteristics

                Operating system

                - Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven

                ThermOpt Interface

                ThermOpt interface allows to display inputs parameters and 3D results of wavefront distortion for instance.



                ThermOpt and Commod Pro coupling

                Representation of mask of phase calculated by ThermOpt througth a cylinder and used in Commod Pro.




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